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General LaTeX tips and tricks


This page lists a number of general LaTeX tips and tricks that I learned while working on my PhD thesis. I have written the entries in a Question-and-Answer format, but cannot rightly call them FAQs. After all, these questions were not asked frequently, but just the once — by me.

Also, in contrast to many real FAQ pages and documents, my answers make absolutely no pretence at completeness or even general applicability. All that these tips and recommendations describe is what worked for me in my setup. It would be nice if it worked for others as well, but I have taken no special steps to guarantee or investigate that.

It is also quite possible — likely, even — that my questions have other, perhaps better solutions and answers that I was simply not aware of, or that I knew about but somehow never chose to pursue or use.

The Questions

  1. What are the best books about LaTeX?
  2. What are the best LaTeX websites?
  3. What is the best LaTeX distribution?
  4. What is the best LaTeX text editor?
  5. What is the best way to create drawings?
  6. What is the best way to create graphs?
  7. What LaTeX packages do you use?
  8. How can you use multiple languages in the same document?
  9. How do you get scalable Computer Modern fonts?
  10. How do you use Adobe Courier instead of Computer Modern Typewriter?
  11. How can I get source code listings nicely printed?
  12. How do you replace the section title font?
  13. How do you get fancy chapter titles?
  14. How do you get nicely formatted URLs in the bibliography?
  15. How can you use relative font size changes?
  16. How can you specify custom margins and paper sizes?
  17. How can you print custom paper sizes to A4?
  18. How can you get custom page headers and footers?
  19. How can you get nicer figure captions?
  20. How can you get the bibliography listed in the table of contents?
  21. How can you change the font and formatting of the table of contents?
  22. How can you define custom bibliography cite and listing styles?
  23. How can you get unnumbered Theorem environments?
  24. How can you add empty pages to the end of a document?
  25. How can you get tables and drawings side by side in a figure?
  26. How can you double-check the hyphenation decisions LaTeX makes?
  27. How can you create a PDF version of a document?
  28. How can you create a thesis cover in LaTeX?
  29. How can you create a symbols glossary?

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Leo Breebaart (leo@lspace.org)
Last updated: 27 June 2016