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20. How can you get the bibliography listed in the table of contents?


Use the tocbibind package by Peter Wilson.

LaTeX does not by default list the Bibliography (or the Index, or the Table of Contents itself) in the Table of Contents. This package remedies that.

Example usage

In the preamble:


Result, before

'Before' screenshot

Result, after

'After' screenshot

Things to watch out for

Be aware that tocbibind's default behaviour is to also add an entry for the Table of Contents itself to the Table of Contents. If, like me, you don't want that, you have to use the [nottoc] option to the package to disable this behaviour.


2 June 2012

An email correspondent recommends the JabRef bibliography reference manager, a dedicated, cross-platform application for managing BibTeX bibliographies. I have no personal experience with this software, but if it had existed when I was writing my thesis I certainly would have given it a try — it looks very promising.

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