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Thesis and Sources

Thesis source archive

You can download the full LaTeX thesis source archive or just have a look at the typeset result:

(The PDF file is included in the thesis source archive, so there is no need to download both.)

Thesis cover

The thesis cover is also available. You can have a look at scaled-down, bitmap versions of the front cover, the entire cover, and the bookmark / invitation card.

It is also possible to download the Adobe Illustrator 10 source file that contains the PostScript-based sources for the above, and might serve as a starting point for your own cover with respect to e.g. the dimensions of the various components.

About the thesis

My thesis is titled Rule-based Compilation of Data-parallel Programs.

The summary chapter of the thesis is on-line, but to summarise the summary: I have created a framework for generating ‘programmable’ compilers. These compilers make it easier to translate and optimise programs written in so-called data-parallel programming languages.

You can also have a look at the propositions accompanying the thesis, in HTML format or in PDF format.

(At the Delft University of Technology (and in general in the Netherlands) you earn your PhD degree based on both the contents of your thesis and a collection of “defensible propositions”, although the latter is mostly a question of tradition and formality, these days.)

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Last updated: 27 June 2016