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Tidybot Install

Installing Tidybot on MS Windows

Double-click the ‘Tidybot-1.6.1-Installer.exe’ file and follow the instructions. That’s all!

If you want to play with the sources you can follow the instructions in the next section and install “from source” — this will work just fine on MS Windows, but you will have to work from the Command Prompt (or something like Cygwin) and install Python and all the other required software first.

Installing Tidybot on Linux/Unix

Prerequisites (some or all of these may be available through e.g. your Linux package manager):

For the GUI version of Tidybot, you will need (if you are only interested in the command-line version you can do without these):

After you have installed the prerequisites, unpack the archive ‘tidybot-1.6.1.tar.gz’ and install:

$ tar xvfz tidybot-1.6.1.tar.gz

$ cd tidybot-1.6.1

$ python setup.py install

Run tidybot --help to view the available options.

On MS Windows, a ‘tidybot.bat’ script will be placed in the C:\Python24\Scripts directory (assuming default installations for everything). You will either have to call Tidybot by using the full path, or you will have to add the Scripts directory to your executable search path.

Installing in a non-default location

There are some issues with the Python 2.4 distutils package that cause problems when you use the --prefix option to python setup.py install to install Tidybot in a non-default location. If you try to do so, the ‘tidybot’ script will be created in the correct place, but containing a broken path.

You can fix this by editing the script file (installed in $PREFIX/bin/tidybot, if $PREFIX is the directory you specified with --prefix), and changing the line that looks like this:

/usr/bin/python2.4 /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/tidybot/tidybot.py "$@"


/usr/bin/python2.4 $PREFIX/lib/python2.4/site-packages/tidybot/tidybot.py "$@"

Also, make sure that $PREFIX/bin is in your $PATH to begin with.

For developers

On MS Windows you can recreate the Installer application as follows.

First, install the following required software packages:

Then, create the installer as follows:

cd tidybot-1.6.1

c:\Python24\python.exe setup.py py2exe

This will leave a ‘Tidybot-1.6.1-Installer.exe’ file in the tidybot-1.6.1/dist/ directory.

Tidybot is Copyright ©2005 by Leo Breebaart (leo@kronto.org)